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We need both inner awareness (spirituality) and outer activism (spirituality in action)

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I spent years as a professor-type, primarily at Northeastern University. I've a book on Buddhism and one on Gandhi published in the past dozen years. I've spoken across the country on nonviolence as a way to defeat terrorism. Currently I'm an ex-pat who writes, teach meditation and, with my wife Marion, we run Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction courses.

I'm not as cute as my picture and far older. Actually, I'm a bit behind with some of this technology but hope to activate my dormant face book page (created by a friend over a year and a half ago I think) as well as put photos up where they belong. Enjoy the cute seal pup while it's there. The replacement will just be one more elderly man with a white beard.

May you be well and may we all begin working toward peace in our own lives, in our personal relationships, and between nations.

That reminds me of a tee shirt I once had decades ago. I recall running through an airport (this was well before 9/11) wearing this tee shirt that had two roses on it and the clause: "World Peace Begins At Home."

Worth reflection on many, many levels.